Get a Quote

Each agent appointed with our carriers is given access to the producer portal for that specific carrier.  These producer sites can be used in various ways. First and foremost it is an easy way to get a quote for you client. Once the quote is generated, it can be printed and saved for your client to review with you and apply at a later date, or the online enrollment can continue directly from this point.  These sites also contain other useful information such as plan designs and physician and RX searches.  Please see the links to our carriers below. If you do not know your appropriate login and password to these sites, please contact our office.


For assistance with individual quotes and information on Highmark (West and Central), please contact our Individual Sales Department. Have your client provide the following information before contacting our team:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip Code
  • Smoking Status

Our staff is also available to discuss and provide training on the quoting tools the carriers make available to every appointed agent!