Group Ancillary Benefits

Whether it is employer sponsored benefits or worksite products, our agency can provide instant access to five national carriers for dental, life, vision, disability and long term care. 


Why Partner with ARMS?
Streamline the process of marketing, selling, enrolling, and servicing your client's Ancillary coverages
Remain the Broker of Record on all policies via your direct writing code
Get paid commissions directly from the carrier
Retain eligibility for all carrier bonus programs


Our Process

The RFP is submitted to ARMS and reviewed for any missing information to ensure that a proposal is returned timely and accurately from our carrier partners.  We expect a maximum of a 3-5 business day turnaround on the majority of RFP's we submit.

ARMS will then review the accuracy of the proposals and then negotiate rates and plan designs with the carriers.  We provide the Broker witha  comprehensive comparison and copies of all carrier proposals once rates and plan designs are confirmed.

Implementation is just as streamlined as the quoting.  Whether it be requesting the presence of a carreir rep for finalist presenation, or coordinating carrier support for enrollment meetings, ARMS will facilitate the entire process.